Barri Gotic

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Barri Gotic

The city of Barcelona is an old city with beautiful old buildings, parks and statues. Just wandering around the city is a joy itself! The city is enclosed by the sea and the mountains meaning expanding is not possible. Because of this you will encounter some high rising with building of five floors but not any higher. The city reached its limits around the end of the nineteen century meaning it’s full of old buildings.

The city is divided in many different areas all with their own character. Barri Gotic is one of the most famous areas in the city and for a good reason. It’s one of the oldest parts of the city with small streets and alley ways. The buildings are old and simply gorgeous. You can reach the area by walking from plaza Catalunya down the shopping street and before you know it you see shops in small little streets.

At the Barri Gotic you don’t only find small streets but you will also encounter a beautiful square with the cathedral of Barcelona. Its large building is very impressive and worth a visit. But the whole area is worth a visit by just wandering around. In the area you will find many little unique shops, but also bars and restaurants. Especially the restaurants are unique and mostly very small which give it a great atmosphere.

Be advised that the area can be a little unsafe during the night. Safety has been improved a lot during the last few years but it is still considered an unsafe area at night especially for women to walk on their own. There are still a lot of pick pocketing and thefts. As long as you make sure you are with at least one other person and keeping your belongings close to you, then you are perfectly fine.

When visiting the city of Barcelona a trip to the area of Barri Gotic is certainly worth it. You can enjoy the little unique shops, restaurant and bars. It’s a shame that late at night the area can become a little bit unsafe and for that reason 4 stars.
Barri Gotic (Gothic Quarter)
La Rambla To Via Laietana
Barcelona, Spain, 08002

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