The Magic Fountains Barcelona

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The Magic Fountains Barcelona

Barcelona is a wonderful city for a weekend trip but the downside of weekend trips is that they can be very expensive. Before you known it you are spending lots of money on entrance fees and of course food and drinks. Barcelona proves to be one of those cities were you can actually enjoy some free activities. The magic fountains is one of them.

The Magic Fountains is located near the Plaza Espanya. This square is located just on the outside of the city center but is easy to reach with public transport. From the airport the direct bus, called Aeroport bus, stops here as well as many other busses and you can find the metro station called Plaza Espanya. If I remember correctly it’s the green line which you can take directly from the well known Plaza Catalunya.

The Magic Fountains are located at a building called Fira. It’s a large complex were normally congresses are hold and exhibitions. Next to the building are the magic fountains. These fountains are laid out on a path that goes up to a large building which almost looks like a palace but is the National museum of Art of Catalunya.

The fountains were built in 1929 during the Great Universal Exhibition and were designed by Carles Buigas. It took over 3000 workers to built these beautiful fountains. The fountains are beautiful as they are during the day but they become magic during the night. At night, normally between nine of eleven o’clock these become a display of music, colour and light.

It’s a popular attraction and every night it’s full of tourists who sit around the fountains. Suddenly the music starts and the lights go on. The plain fountains turn into different colours from yellow to red and they literally starting to dance on the music. For around half an hour it’s truly amazing to see.

When visiting Barcelona the Magic Fountains are simply a must to see. It’s free but more important just a join to watch. I can advice you to go when it’s dark. When it starts at nine oclock it’s still light meaning you can’t really see the beautiful colours in the fountains. When it’s dark around ten you can see them much better. I give five stars!
Magic Fountain of Montjuic
Avenida Maria Cristina
Montjuic, Barcelona, Spain, 08004

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