The amazing but unfinished Sagrada Familia

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The amazing but unfinished Sagrada Familia

By many called the true masterpiece of Gaudi, until today it’s still unfinished. I’m talking about the Sagrada Familia. Antoni Gaudi is a artist who truly puts his fingerprint all over the city of Barcelona within parks, apartments and much more. When you walk around the city you won’t even realise how much has been built by this amazing artist.

Sagrada Familia is one of his masterpieces and is truly amazing. Everytime when I visit Barcelona I just have to watch this amazing building. It’s a building that is hard to miss since you can almost spot it from everywere in town. With a length of 90 metres you can imagine it’s hard to miss. While construction started over hunderd years ago, in 1882 it’s not even finished today. When Gaudi died in 1926 only ¼ was actually finished. The estimated end date is 2028 but with the Spanish people you can never tell.

The Sagrada familia is easy to reach with public transport as you can just get out the metro station called La Sagrada Familia which is on the blue line. It’s about 10 minutes from the city center. When you step outside the station you can’t miss the building since it’s right opposite the street. The first thing you probably do notice are the queues in front of the entrance.

The buidling is large as you can see on the picture and they are alway buidling. You can clearly see the new parts and the old parts with the color difference. It has the shape of a typical cathedral but you can cearly see the Gaudi influence on the buidling with it’s all towers and the way it’s constructed. Even though not that much color has been used it looks like a very colorfull building with roundlike shapes.

You can enter the building as you are willing to stand in the queue for some time. In the high season the queues can be up to one hour waiting. But i think the wait is worth it because inside the masterpiece continues and you can really appreciate the work of Gaudi. The way he builts and designs feels very natural and airy and is very unique. You have the option of going up in one of the towers with an elevator. For this you have to pay extra.

The entrance fee for La Sagrada Familia costs 16 euro’s for each person which can be steep for a familia. We were with four people so it was quiet expensive. But we really wanted to go inside and this time the queues weren’t that long.

It’s hard to really describe Sagrada Familia because you simply have to watch it yourself. The shape and designs are amazing and feel very natural. The fact that the building isn’t finished doesn’t hurt at all and I can’t wait to apreciate the buidling when it’s finished. The entrance fee might be steep but all the money goes into the construction of the building so you are helping it getting finished. For me five stars.
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