Our room in Chicago - part 1

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Avenue Hotel, East Huron Ave, Chicago
I booked a week at this hotel a long time before our trip. I think this was the second thing we booked after Izatys and our flights. We had to be in Chicago for the week end of the 9th June as that was when the Blues festival was and my husband had that festival on his Bucket List of things he wanted to do.

The hotel is part of the Crowne Plaza Group and is very centrally situated a few blocks back from Navy Pier and a pretty easy walk to the river and across to Grant Park where the festival was being held. My son and his girlfriend were joining us so I thought I had booked a suite and would be getting something similar to the place we had at Polo Towers in Las Vegas but actually this is a city hotel with city prices and what we got was a room with two double beds and the smallest bathroom we had had in any of the hotels along the way including the cheapie ones. This also didn’t include breakfast and had we wanted to keep the hire car it would have cost $50 a day to park it. Luckily we discovered that before we came and dumped the car at O’Hare Airport, met my son from his flight then got a taxi which cost $40 for all of us right to our hotel.

When we arrived we checked in very quickly and were given four key cards for our room which was on the 36th floor. There are three lifts and we have never had to wait too long for one but sometimes they do stop quite a lot on the way up or down.

Our room was a normal sized two double bed room, slightly on the small size. Bearing in mind what we had in Las Vegas I did make my way down to see if there was anything bigger but, no luck there. We were not planning on spending a lot of time in the room but we were a bit disappointed as we thought that we might have a small kitchen. We stayed in a Crown Plaza in Malta and had a great two bedroomed suite so I thought we would get a one bedroomed suite rather than just a room but no matter.

The room had a really good view especially at night of the skyline of Chicago looking over to Trump Towers and the Willis Tower which was a major plus factor. Both beds were very comfortable and actually queen sized as they were pretty big. We had a mini bar which we emptied to put our stuff in so I trust they don’t charge us as we haven’t drunk any of it. We have a safe and have used it to save carting around extra money, laptops and passports.

We are enjoying a large colour photo of the skyline of Chicago from the lake and a black and white one of a sky scraper but not sure which on the walls. Both beds are all white with a light duvet and also blankets and all cotton quality bedding as well as four pillows per bed and these are also nice and soft. I know both beds are comfortable as on the first night we had the one away from the air conditioner but my son’s girlfriend was too cold so we swapped and had the one that blew air con on us all night. The sheets were not changed during our stay but had we wanted them changed we could have put a hanging thingie on our door handle. It seemed a little unnecessary to us and we were happy that the beds were made daily. We were always given clean towels which I was pleased about as I hate soggy towels and we had nowhere to put them to dry properly with four of us in the room using towels.

The large flats screen TV was on a unit with the fridge mini bar on one side and the safe and three drawers on the other. We did have a wardrobe but that was it for storage so we were a bit tight. We repacked all our cold weather clothes and put one case out of the way. Beside this unit was a large desk with a lamp and electricity sockets. We also had a huge computer chair which did stick out a bit into the room but was useful for putting clothes on though. Personally I would have swapped the huge desk for a few drawers to put stuff in and a smaller chair as it really did stick out into the room as it would not tuck under the desk at all.

At the window end of the room was the big air conditioning unit, a comfortable chair in a zebra striped fabric and then a small table with a lamp on it as well as a second larger table with coffee making stuff on it. They only left us two polystyrene cups and two glasses so we had to use the plastic cups that we brought with us with our travel kettle. I thought that was poor and I know I only had to ask for more but I think they should be there and I should not have to ask. They were not always replaced either so I was washing polystyrene cups daily. Luckily we had brought some ‘English’ mugs as a gift for my son and girlfriend so we had those to use as well.
Avenue Crowne Plaza Hotel and Suites
160 East Huron Street
Chicago, Illinois, 60611
(312) 787-2900


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