Grote Markt in Bruges

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The Grote Markt gets its name because the square was used previously as a market. The market was in the 10th century already used around the year 1200 hold its first International Fair held. Where they first started building small wooden buildings were later built huge buildings around the square as the Waterhalle. The Water Hall was a huge warehouse at the end of the 18th century disappeared. The Belfry tower has evolved over the 13th to the 19th century the tower slowly develops into what it is today.

On the big market you can find several buildings including the Belfry so. Definitely worth it to climb, simply because you have a nice view over the city. However, you have more than 300 steps to climb and it's quite a steep narrow staircase.

The Great market consists of several buildings including a series of houses on the north side of the square. These houses are typical of the style with stepped gables. Understandably there are shops here as two bookstores where you can buy leaflets over the city and other books. We have reached a guide about the city for 3 euros and definitely recommended.
Also on the square you will still find the white building of the Provincial Court and the post office was built with red bricks.

In the middle of the square you will find here a statue of Jan Breydel and Pieter de Coninck, the two popular local heroes who in 1302 played a major role in the Flemish resistance against the French king, with the Battle of the Spurs result.

When you are visiting the city, chances are that you get on the market. It is the central point of the city and very worthwhile to visit. It is a large square with impressive buildings. At the Market you will find stalls and Belgian Fries, several benches and terraces where you can enjoy a coffee or some food. Please note that because the prices here are higher than in the rest of Bruges and you should be careful how you order certain things. When we ordered two cups of coffee because we got a coffee can with a capacity for five cups of coffee and a bill of 10 euros. The Belgian fries are certainly recommended by the booth and we have also enjoyed delicious on a bench
The Markt (Market Square)
City Center
Bruges, Belgium, 8000

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