Nice Area For a Weekend Picnic

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This was our first sightseeing stop after arriving in Dublin earlier that morning. Admittedly, after the overnight flight from Chicago and a late breakfast at Avoca, we were pretty tired. But I knew that if we were going to see Glendalough, this would be our only opportunity to do so.

Glendalough Visitor Center is operated by OPW (Office of Publc Works) and contains several exhibits that tell of life there at St. Kevin's 6th century settlement. There is also a short film that tells about the history of not only St. Kevin but also this region contained within the Glendalough National Park. The Market Cross has been moved to inside of the center so as to protect it from further erosion from the elements.

There are several ruins that are a short walking distance (10 to 15 minutes) from the visitor center. The tower and stone churches are in relatively good condition and visible from across the stream behind the visitor center.

I must admit, I was exhausted by this point in the afternoon . . . and David was still back in the car napping . . . so I only tour the visitor center, watched the film and then went outside to snap some photos from afar. I wish we had another time to see the sights here. Many speak about Glendalough and the wonderful hiking trails around the glaciated lake area. On fresher legs, that might have been a good possibility. For today, on this trip, a short visit was going to have to suffice.

There is a fee to enter the visitor center, but none if you just want to go out to the settlement to take a look at the buildings out there. I think most who come to Glendalough picnic (there were a lot of people with bag lunches eating on the lawn area) or just walk the grounds. If you are going to take the time to visit Glendalough you may as well spend the €3 (€2 for seniors and €1 for students) to learn a bit about what you will see out on the grounds. Of course, if you have an OPW Heritage Pass, admission is free.
Glendalough Monastic Settlement
Visitor Centre
Glendalough, County Wicklow

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