Campers Beware!!

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Yankee Freedom Campers beware!!! Recently me and four other friends made the trip from NC to key west for our annual Dry Tortugas camping trip on the Yankee Freedom. After driving 16hrs and getting all our supplies together we arrived at the dock at 6AM to load our gear on the boat. We were then told by the Capitan that they would not make the trip today because of high wind. We were not happy but understand the safety concerns and was out of the Capitan’s control. We were told by the Capitan the booking person would arrive in about an hour and would get us set up for the following day. When "Mie Mie" arrived she informed us we would not be able to get a spot on the boat for over a week. Mind you we made our reservations and paid in full 6 months in advance. She was rude and could care less that we now had no place to go and was unwilling to help us at all. We made the decision to come back later with hopes that someone my cancel. When we arrived we spoke with someone different, I believe his name was Allen. We were in the middle of explaining our situation to him when he said I DON’T GIVE A F@#@!! About your situation. We were out of luck and all he could do is give us a refund. At this point we wondered how this company can stay in business treating their customers this way. But after speaking with a few locals, they can do this because they are the only boat that goes to the island now since they bought out the other boats license. This leaves them with no competition and gives them free rein to do what they want. We have been doing this trip once a year for numerous years and it has always been a great time. I would recommend visiting the island as it is a wonderful place. But I would not use the Yankee Freedom unless you want poor service.

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