Casa Mila

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Joy S on April 25, 2012

This is a really unusual and fascinating building - but then anything designed by Antonio Gaudi could certainly never be described as normal and bland! It is part of a UNESCO World Heritage site and is open from 9am to 8pm. The closest metro stop is Diagonal - either subway line 3 or 5. It is just a short walk from the metro station to the Casa Mila. The entrance charge is 14 Euros and we spent about 2 hours exploring inside.

We arrived here in the afternoon and found there was a really long queue stretching down the street. It did not seem to be moving at all, so we stocked up on ice-creams and just waited it out. After about half an hour, the queue seemed to suddenly move forward. When we got to the entrance they were taking down a sign from the door which said the house had reached capacity and there were no further admittances. So, eventually we did get to go inside. My advice would be to get here early - it is extremely popular and limited numbers are allowed in at any one time.

Casa Mila is certainly like no other building I have ever seen before. It is not a single house, but is 2 blocks of apartments. The facade is wavy and curvy - just as you would expect from Gaudi, there are no straight lines or right angles. Originally it was built for a wealthy couple, today there are apartments inside, many of which are private homes.

When we paid our entrance fee, we had to go straight up a lot of stairs, round and round. There were over 200 stairs actually, and just as we started to wonder would this never end, we found we were at the roof terrace. This is delightful and a lovely surprise. You feel straightway, as if you are in another world. There are wavy undulating walkways and it is filled with chimneys, which are nothing like any chimney I have ever seen. Some look a bit like people's heads, others are a bit like ice creams. Our son loved exploring up here - it is a great place for children (and adults), full of creativity and imagination. We just wandered around, enjoying the chimneys, but also the views of the neighbourhood and the Sagrada Familia in the distance.

When you manage to drag yourself away from the fantastic roof terrace, there is quite an interesting exhibition in the attic area all about Gaudi. They have scale models of his buildings, including the Casa Mila - it is interesting to look at this, as well as exhibits about his design - he also made furniture and chairs.

After the exhibition, on the way back down, you can also explore an apartment, furnished in late 19th century style. This is interesting too, and good for children because they can be hands-on, you are allowed to touch whatever you like.

Downstairs on the way out, you exit via the gift shop. It has touristy goods but some interesting books and souvenirs.

We all thoroughly enjoyed the Casa Mila, could have spent a lot longer on the roof and would definitely recommend a visit here.
Casa Mila (La Pedrera de Gaudi)
Passeig De Gracia, 92
Barcelona, Spain, 08007
34644 291 481

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