Daisy Dukes

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by frikadika on April 23, 2012

I am under the impression that there is nowhere you can go and get bad food in New Orleans. Daisy Dukes did not disappoint.

I found this spot on a list of restaurants and with my desire to try new inexpensive places, we ventured over. There was no line, no wait for my small party of 2. We were seated immediately. The restaurant was not big, but the tables were not crowded together. A sporty little place. There were several tv's with various sports playing.

Our waitress was pleasant and knowledgeable - she was able to tell my boyfriend immediately that they no longer served what he ordered. OK - choice #2. The menu was limited. They are known for their wings, but we refused to come all the way to New Orleans and have wings. We wanted local cuisine. My choice for the night was fried green tomatoes. I would choose anything on the menu as long as it came with FGT. My sweetie had never had alligator soooo...

My meal: grilled catfish, gumbo and FGT.
His meal: alligator sausage, gumbo, crawfish etouffee, and FGT

Everything was very good. I would recommend this restaurant for a very good quick meal.
Daisy Dukes
121 Chartres Street
New Orleans, 70130
(504) 561-5171


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