This is the most beautiful palace in the world.

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If we talk about the size of the Louvre, it is the world's third floor space museum. There are so intricately intertwined multiple exposures, the incredible luxury of age and architectural styles that walking through the Louvre, it is impossible to absorb all its beauty and splendor of the first, and even the second time. Visiting Paris, you are guaranteed to be back here again and again and discover something new.
Find the Louvre is quite easy. It is spread in the heart of Paris, on the right bank of the Seine, the Rue de Rivoli.
The building of the Louvre is huge. To make the exposition was open all the rooms Louvre, it is simply not enough staff. At the entrance to the Louvre, you will meet a statue of the King - the sun of Louis XIV. This statue is the starting point of the historical axis of Paris.
To date, the Louvre - one of the oldest museums in France with a rich history and exposure. He will present your eye on the kind of history of France Kapettingov to the present day.

The collection laid Francis I, and continued his case Louis XIV. Gallery biographical paintings that adorned the palace hall, ordered from Rubens' Marie de Medici widow of Henry IV and mother of Louis XIII. But the biggest acquisition yet made ​​Louis XIV. He purchased the largest of the paintings at a time - 200 pictures Everara Zhebaha. When the Louvre only meant as a museum, the royal art collection numbered more than 2,500 paintings. A large number of sculptures in the Louvre has removed from the museum's sculpture. Many paintings and sculptures were received during the Napoleonic wars, as trophies. Many artifacts of ancient Egypt, the Middle East - the result of wars of Napoleon Bonaparte. Venus de Milo acquired the French ambassador at the Turkish government.

The Louvre is considered the most visited museum in the world. Here you can easily take the audio guide in Russian, and enjoy the beauty of the Louvre on a self-guided tours.
Speaking in numbers, the Louvre collection contains about 300,000 items. To everyone's review exhibited only 35 000. All of the Louvre exhibition, figuratively can be divided into groups: the Ancient East, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and Rome, Islamic Art, sculpture, paintings, graphics.
Initially, in the Louvre were only antique statues. The most famous statue Zamli, incidentally, are found in the Louvre. Here you can see the Venus de Milo and Nike of Samothrace. Exception of a number of ancient masterpieces, made up only of Michelangelo. In 1824 the Louvre begin their work, five new rooms dedicated to the Renaissance, until the 18th century. Then there are the medieval statues.
As for the art, the Louvre and there is no equal. Here are a variety of jewelry, figurines, glassware, furniture and tapestries. Period - from the Middle Ages to the 19th century.
As for the paintings, the Louvre has more than 6,000 paintings, including the famous "Mona Lisa" by Leonardo da Vinci. The collection includes a 130,000 graphics items, which are divided into a collection of drawings, including prints.
Musée du Louvre
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