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Member Rating 5 out of 5 by WrldCTZen on April 17, 2012

Pacifica: The resort name relates to the Pacific Ocean it faces but in my view, the world "Pacific" is what best describes this retreat. It is indeed a calm, peaceful and tranquil oasis. From the minute, you walk into the lobby (with a spa like atmosphere), to the minute you leave, you will feel pampered, relaxed and out of this world.

When my wife and I started planning our 25th anniversary, we were thinking a romantic luxury cruise , some exotic far away hidden gem, some hassle free quiet place. …so when a colleague of mine, well versed in travel, suggested that we go to an all-inclusive resort in Cabo, we thought: "really?". My colleague was absolutely right: Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Resort was all of the above..and just 2 hours away from home (Dallas).

The adult-only all-inclusive was actually very exclusive. First, the place never felt crowded. As a matter of fact, every "group" activity (e.g., cooking class) we took on the resort, felt like totally personalized. There were never queues at the buffets and the specialty restaurants accommodated every scheduling request we had….And when it comes to food, you have more choices than you can plan for: award winning restaurants across the 4 resorts that Pueblo Bonito has in Cabo. We loved Siempre (Contemporary Mediterranean at Pueblo Bonito Pacifica), Frida (Mexican at Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach – 5 min shuttle) and Fellini’s (Italian at Pueblo Bonito Rose – 30 min shuttle). The food was exquisite and the service second to none. That, by the way, applies to breakfast (incl. champagne brunch on Sundays), lunch and dinner.

The hotel setting is probably what makes this place unique within Cabo. It is located on a secluded beach, just at the limit between the Sea of Cortes and the Pacific Ocean, surrounded by mountains (reminded us of the Amalfi coast in Italy). You can not swim in the sea because of the high surf but the walk on the expansive sandy and empty beach more than made up for that. The sound of the waves and the pacific breeze was so soothing, you could not get enough of it. We kept walking and walking and walking….and if you wanted to enjoy the scenery even further, try the private cabanas. You can spend the day there, take a long nap and even have lunch served to you. You will never forget it.

Let me end with a special mention of the spa. We took the $75/day special package where you can chose from an expansive menu of treatments. My wife and I had 4 treatments each while there, ranging from different massages to facials, etc…Once again, the service was excellent.
While my wife and I opted for a farniente vacation to celebrate our anniversary, we thought that spending 6 days in one place will be boring. Absolutely not. We simply could not get enough of it: exquisite food selection, friendly personalized service, well groomed gardens, beautifully architected buildings and spectacular surroundings.

Our thanks to Martin, Bryan, Nancy, Leopoldo, Miguel, Beatriz…and the many others who added their personal touch to make this stay at the Pacifica a special one…and a big thank you to my colleague who recommended this place in the first place.

Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Holistic Retreat and Spa
Cabo Pacifica s/n
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


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