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Member Rating 4 out of 5 by cjg1 on April 16, 2012

The Parmelia Hilton Perth proved to be quite the nice stay for us.

We arrived at the hotel about 10 minutes after noon. Upon entering the concierge desk ran out to take our bags. Normally I do not do this, but it was easier at the time to leave the bags with them and go to the front desk. They had a room ready for us although I rather feel it was not the room we were going to get if we waited to check in later. Not a big deal. We already felt like it was a long day after flying in from SYD that we really wanted to grab a shower and leave the bags and hit the ground running. The fact that the man at check in said I just need to verify your room is ready and then had it ready was the first of many service tops we noticed while here. We were given our room key and a cert for two complimentary drinks at either of their two bars that expired the next day. At this, we were on our way to our room.

We were given a room on the third floor which is the first floor of rooms. I believe the hotel goes up to eleven or so. To access the room floors you must insert your room key and then push the number. Only one key has to be inserted and then the elevator can fill up and push buttons. Our room was a nice larger sized room or as many might say a Junior Suite. I do not believe it was called this by the hotel though. The furniture is very dated and looks like it will fall apart if you sit on it. But the bed here was amazing. One of the best Hilton beds I’ve ever slept in.

The service staff were still getting things ready so they came by a couple of times. Complimentary water as diamond. Extra towels. Etc. Our luggage also showed up during this brief pause in our day before we hit the town running.

The room opened up to the right as you walk in. In front of you along the wall was a very low couch and table. On your right is the table holding the flat panel TV. The bed is along the wall to the far right facing back at the door and low couch.

Along the outer wall near the head of the bed was a desk. This is where the wired internet came in although there was so so reception of wifi in the room so this wasn’t needed. The really funny thing about the room is it had a rather large balcony. No reason to go out there as we were facing just other tall buildings, but it was there.

The bathroom is immediately to your right as you enter. It opens with a luggage rack to the right and double sinks to the left. Next to the luggage rack on the right is a stand up shower followed by a tub. The toilet is just sort of stuck there in the middle between the tub and sinks. Looked really out of place but it was functional so it works.

As we were running out we stopped by the concierge to ask about the best way to get to Fremantle without using a taxi. At the time we were under the impression we could take a ferry. As they were the entire stay, the staff was extremely helpful telling us to take the train and then pulling out a map and showing us where we were going. We have google maps when we travel from my phones and tablet, but it was nice that they were going to make sure we knew where we were going.

We returned to the hotel about 530pm meaning to shower up and hit some dinner. This did not happen. After a quick shower we hopped on the bed and turned on the tv. Next thing we knew it was 2am and were starting to stir. We at this time had one of the candy bars out of the mini bar. $4 for a chocolate bar. Yes, that’s expensive but it is not unreasonable to what you would expect. We were both surprised that we drifted off to sleep in that comfortable bed instead of getting dinner.

Breakfast in the morning was complimentary due to being a diamond. This was served in the Globe which is the main restaurant/bar/lounge of the hotel to the right as you walk in the main front door of the hotel from the street. This was quite a good sized room, but was packed just before 9am when we went down. It was a small buffet offering but it certainly did the trick. We were able to get all of the usual buffet items we wanted.

After breakfast I went to the front desk to ask about a late check out. We had a 10pm flight out that night and really wanted to know how to plan our day. When I was asked what time I would like I said 5pm just on a ask for the most and see what happens as this was 15 minutes before our scheduled ride to the airport. To my absolute shock, this was granted with no problem.

We decided to spend the day walking around and come back to the hotel shortly before heading out to the airport. It was perfect to come back, clean up and relax until our ride showed up.

When we checked out the Front Desk Manager (per name tag) asked how our stay was. I said it was fantastic and he seemed to genuinely care that I felt that way. Check out left us with a $4 mini bar bill which I quickly paid cash for. No sense using a credit card in an Australian hotel with a surcharge if you can avoid it.

We then headed over to the Globe which was quite crowded being just about 5pm. As such we did not see a seat. The staff came over to us at the bar and offered a seat in the restaurant section. This worked great for us and was just another example of them caring for the client. We finally used the drink cert for a second round of colas for us as one beer was enough for me at this point and LadyRVG wasn’t going to drink before flying.

After our drink we went out to the lobby and waited for our ride which showed up at 530. Once again, the concierge staff was right there to help us out the door and put our luggage in the van.

Start to finish, we had an excellent stay. Thank you to the entire team

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