Georgia O'Keefe: Plus Lots More.

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We were very surprised to find this museum was not just about Georgia O'Keefe. As in many other places we visited on this trip, cameras are not allowed. What surprised us was we had to check our bags into lockers before entering. I was a little concerned about that because I don't want to be seperated from my medications. I guessThat's why God invented pockets.

There are two movies running alternately in the auditorium. One was about Georgia O'Keefe the other showed artwork and interviews of other artists who incorpurated photography into their works in various ways. Georgia was also highly influenced by the photography of Alfred Steiegitz who she eventually married. Without her permission he exhibited nude photos of Georgia that established her reputation as being a "free spirit". She retreated from the East Coast to New Mexico for one season to escape the publicity. This is where she found her spiritual home and remained here until her death. For years this sexuality issue was the focus of critics of her flower paintings. I was taught that in college art course. And once you see her paintings you can see how that rumor started. I found my favorites of her works was a snow scene showing the black door of her adobe home. Her landscapes were abstract and picked up the colors of the Southwest as seen in different conditions.

Surprisingly there are very few O'Keefe paintings in the gallery. The predominante display was called Shared Intelligence: American Painting and the Photograph. I found some of my old favorites like Thomas Eakins and Edward Maybridge. The painting I was most impressed with was by Chuck Close and titled Phil/fingerprint. The portrait is made up of hundreds of fingerprints, definately influenced by the pixelation of photographs. It was an excellant selection with diverse styles. Something for everyone.

The musuem is located just a jog away from the main plaza. An easy walk. There are two of O'Keefe's homes/studios that are near Santa Fe. One is Ghost Ranch and the other is Home and Studio in Abiquiu. Rumor has it there are more of her paintings to see there.
Georgia O'Keeffe Museum
217 Johnson Street
Santa Fe, New Mexico, 87501
(505) 946-1000

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