Biggest Slushie I Have Ever Seen

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by two cruisers on March 17, 2012

The travel brochure depicts a sunny day with a huge cruise ship parked in front of the face of this very wide glacier. Not today. It was cold and overcast and the water was filled with icebergs of varying size. Hubbard is the longest tidewater glacier. It runs 75 miles from its Canadian origin of Mt. Login. The face of the glacier towers 500 feet above sealevel. The length of the face is 6 miles. From our veranda we could hear the narration by the Park Ranger and Naturalist. We certainly could see the water become more slushy as we closed in on the glacier. Since it was so cold on the veranda, we retreated inside and up to the Crow's Nest lounge with its huge picture windows. Apparently the Captain saw Kate Winslet float by on a chunk of ice and he decided it wasn't safe to get to the face today. Better to be safe, as Hubbard Glaciar is know to make sudden surges. We did see moraine icebergs, they contain hunks of rock or soil that the glacier has picked up in its travels. Souvenirs for glaciers!
Hubbard Glacier
Yakutat City
Yukon Canada and Eastern Alaska

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