Spending the Day at KLCC

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After a great night at Paradiso B&B, I was ready to see the Petronas Towers and spend a quiet afternoon in the KLCC Park. Travelling can get pretty stressful, so I was seriously looking forward to some quiet time. I met up with a friend from home, and he led the way to the twin towers. The trip included a short journey on the monorail and a fifteen minute walk before the peaks of the towers could be seen.

The Petronas Towers are defintely an architectural wonder. The towers stood tall at over 1400 feet, and the spires at the top appeared to touch the sky! There was a small bridge which connected the two towers, and interested visitors could purchase tickets for a tour. I snapped several photos of the massive structure, before heading into the Suria KLCC Mall, located in the base of the Petronas Towers.

Malaysia is known to be a shopping destination, however the Suria KLCC Mall mostly caters for shoppers with large bank accounts. Most of the stores in this mall are high end chains such as Versace, Coach and Jimmy Choo. Regular folks such as myself, would still have a great time simply window shopping.

If expensive brands or window shopping doesn't interest you, the dining options defintely will. Suria KLCC has many different classes of restaurants and even fast food chains such as KFC and Pizza Hut. The food court was pretty awesome, with dishes from all over the world. I bought a bowl of Tom Yam, which is a specialty of Malaysia, and it was great!

After eating, I was ready to hit the KLCC Park. This public park is located directly outside of the mall, and provides a nice area for folks to enjoy a bit of down time. The KLCC park spans across 20 hectares, and features a large manmade lake in the center. In the middle of the lake are several statues of dolphins and a large metal sculpture of a breached whale.

There were many wooden benches located beneath the trees in the park, so my friend and I sat down and spent a few hours alternating between happy conversations, staring up at the Petronas Towers and reading books. The only sounds in the park came from squealing children who were playing in a small wading pool. The atmosphere was quiet and serene, and provided the feeling of peace which I sought.

It started to get late, and the joggers came out to exercise on the large jogging track that runs through the park. I didn't come prepared to jog, so I walked along the track instead. Along the way, the jogging track elevated and after reaching the top, we were treated to a splendid view of skyscrapers of Kuala Lumpur towering over the trees in the park.

Near to the exit of the KLCC park was a quaint little water fountain beneath of a wooden shed. I was quite thristy, so I quenched my thirst before snapping about twenty photos of the fountain. I left the park feeling rejuvenated, and ready for anything life wanted to throw my way. I didn't do much that day, but it was unforgettable all the same!
Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC)

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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