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Part of our whole city tour of London was the Westminster Abbey. I would have gladly sped by the tour of Kensington and Chelsea former residences of Liz Taylor and John Wayne and spent more time at the Abbey. We had an excellant quide who walked along holding a folded umbrella skyward we wouldn't loose him in the crowd. And we had a crowd. Unfortunately in the room with the tombs for Elizabeth I and Mary (strange how they ended up together) we were packed in so tight movement became impossible. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Photography was only allowed outside and in The Cloisters. That was an excellant place to study the architecture. Inside we saw the poppy ringed grave of the unknown soldier from WW I, fallen at the Fields of Flanders (poppy fields). The Coronation chair was visible behind glass in a room where restoration was in process. A friend asked if the Stone of Scone was there were it usually resides beneath the chair. It had been returned to Scotland in 1996. The guide filled us in on how the building's massive areas are reconfigured to accomodate special ceremonies and regular services. When Prince William and Kate were married here, I could tell from the TV coverage that the guide had explained things correctly. Of course we were also interested in the Poet's corner where British literary greats are burried. I would like to take this tour on my own at my own pace and the same goes for the gift shop. Our tour director gave us 10 minutes before boarding time. That comes down to 2 minutes for selection, 6 minutes to stand in line at the cash register, and 2 minutes to run to the bus. Not good.
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