Monet had the right idea.

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After a tour of the over indulgence that is Versaille, we took a lovely drive through the rolling hills of the countryside to Giverny and the home and gardens of Claude Monet. I could live here. Correction, I want to live here! Unlike America where we tend to tuck our gardens in the backyard, the approach to Monet's home entrances was all garden. Unlike the fastidiously clipped formality of Versaille, these flowersbeds had an exuberant quality and almost ragged appearance.
The house is a two story, vine covered comfortable Provencial style. I regret they wouldn't allow photography indoors, although I was allowed to photograph the gardens through the open windows. Other than Monet's own paintings, the only art in the house were Japanese prints. He was very fond of them. We lingered as long as possible in his studio where we could look out on the gardens and soak in the genius lingering in the air. The rest of the house was comfortable; the dining room was an appetizing buttery color; the kitchen was huge with lovely blue and white tiles.
Outside we checked out various gardens and then took the long path to the water garden. Here we found the weeping willows, Japanese bridge and lily pond that figure so often in Monet's most famous works.
Adjacent to the main house is a gift shop. These people really understand tourists. We found lovely souvenirs to satisfy our needs. I bought a print of Chartres Cathedral, a calendar, a windchime and lots of postcards.
Musée Claude Monet (Monet's House and Gardens)
84 rue Claude Monet
Giverny, France
+33 (2) 32 51 28 21

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