15 Miodowa Street

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I think I may have mentioned before in my reviews of Warsaw that Miodowa Street is one of my favourite streets. Mainly because of the lavish buildings that line both sides of the street. They all are pretty spectacular but one that does shine out is Ludwik Pac Palace.

Pałac L Paca or sometimes called Ludwik Pac Palace, is situated at Number 15 Miodowa Street, close to Krasinki
Square and the Old Town of Warsaw. It is now houses the Ministry of Health and no longer open to the public as a palace. The original palace was built for Prince Dominik Radziwill in the 17th century, but later bought by General Ludwik Pac and remodelled according to the plans of Henryk Marconi. Marconi closed the yard of the palace which can be seen from the street, by adding wings to the existing building, as well as adding the half-ellipse gate with two passages.

The three main arches which act as an entrance to the palace have an elaborate frieze of sculptured Roman soldiers dressed for battle holding shields on the right side of the arches and on the left side the soldiers are standing in chariots.The sculptures are very good and really do catch your eye from the other side of the road tempting you to cross over to get a better look. The semi circular domes of the arches are decorated with individual roses with a carved edging illustrating ram's heads, twisting vines and bunches of grapes.

The palace is situated on a busy thoroughfare of Warsaw and stands slightly back from the road. The building is guarded and has a barrier stopping traffic driving through. Having peeped through into the courtyard of the palace and scrutinised the building from afar I would say that the arched entrance is much grander than the palace itself from the exterior.

From its position on Miodowa Street it can easily be reached by walking from the Old Town. Trams to catch from Ratusz Arsenal that go straight to the Old Town are 13, 23 and 26.
Pac Palace
ul. Miodowa 15
Warsaw, Poland, 00-246
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