A chic and funky bar right on the wharf!

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by RLB2 on January 19, 2012

On one of our last nights in Auckland we decided to eat by the wharf, which is quite a trendy area to be. We wanted to have a couple of drinks and really just de-stress after the conference. Not really knowing where to go, we just headed down to the wharf and were actually heading towards a restaurant when one of the staff members jumped out of this little quirky bar and enticed us in (granted it was the happy hour cocktails that really tempted us). We were looking for somewhere to eat as well as drink and so had a quick look at the menu to try and find a vegetarian option (yes that old problem again). Luckily this bar did a platter of vegetarian nibbles that was not only delicious, but looked amazing (see the photos attached) and was actually really filling and nutritous. Think homemade breads, dips, olives, nuts and seeds, cheese, mushroom pate, figs, dried apricots and lots of other similar goodies!

Sitting comfortably with our food, and our lovely cocktails we just had a good hour or so cozying up the real fire. The bar/restaurant itself is split between an indoor bar area and a semi-outdoor terrace with the fire, leather chairs and bar stools and brick walls. The music was quite loud and this definitely is a bar rather than a restaurant, so don't be fooled into bringing kids here. We did find however that the menu was reasonably priced to say that we were on the wharf and the selection was actually pretty good for a bar. As our food was digesting a band started playing, well I suppose they were more a two-piece, called Pat for President. They were really friendly and got everyone in the bar involved, taking requests and playing a really good mix of music. Everythng felt very laid back and chilled, there were no rowdy customers and we had a very enjoyable evening. Having said that it did get quite loud as the night went on, so if that isn't your scene then I would try and head there a little earlier in the afternoon. The bar has a license till 3am, although we were well tucked up into our beds by then.

All in all a really funky little bar to end a busy day sightseeing, that has a great atmosphere and enough music to dance into the wee small hours!!!
Andrew Andrew
201 Quay Street, Princes Wharf
Auckland, New Zealand
(09) 377 0040


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