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Battery Park.

Where is it?
Battery Park can be found on the southernmost tip of Manhattan Island. Easily accessible by subway tube, bus, taxi or on foot. It is from here that you can take the boat across the bay to the statue of Liberty and Ellis Islands. What is peculiar about this park is that it is a 25 acre haven amidst the sprawling sky line of massive sky scrapers that feature in all the Photos of Manhattan but is generally overlooked because of the sheer size of the sky scrapers behind it.
The park is a peaceful haven in what is absolutely a frenetically paced nonstop city of New York and gives the visitor a chance to gain some tranquillity beside the harbour front. The park is a quiet oasis of greenery with trees fountains walkways children’s playground, roller-skaters and joggers. People sit here in the park admiring the views across the bay towards the statue of liberty not only tourists but office workers taking their lunch breaks. There is a restaurant and small fast food outlets dotted around the park and picnic areas too. There are also several monuments dotted around the park.

World Trade Centre Memorial.
There is also the World Trade Centre memorial to the victims of 9/11 who lost their lives during that despicable and outrageous terrorist attack. The memorial consists of a sphere that was originally sited in the plaza between the two towers which remarkably was undamaged and there is an eternal flame at the memorial too. It is quite a sobering thought to stand in front of it and take a few moments of reflection and remember those poor souls who lost their lives that dreadful day. It really is a moving experience for anyone who witnessed that senseless destruction and waste of life. It will remain etched in many people’s memory til the end of their days.

History of the Park.
The original settlement came about through the Dutch settlers who set up a small Battery on the tip of Manhattan Island in 1623 Battery Park was originally part of the fortifications built to protect the inhabitants of New York from the British and it was from here that the British finally retreated after the American civil war. Opposite the park it is unusual to see the still standing Georgian building built in the 1700’s called James Watson house which appears tiny in comparison to the sky scrapers standing around it. There is a small fort called Castle Clinton which was built in 1812 which was later turned into a music hall, an immigration centre and now houses the ticket office for trips to the Statue of Liberty and a display of Battery Park.

Boats leave from this point to visit the Statue of Liberty Island and also Ellis island. There are also summer music events if you are lucky enough to be there when they are on. Sometimes there are impromptu events school groups or choirs turn up sightseeing who then form a group and sing a song or two. An allotment area is also at the park where local New Yorkers grow vegetables which are sold to raise funds to maintain the park. It really is a nice fun and interesting place to visit. The park has been restored and updated to make it a pleasurable place for visitors and an estimated 6 million people visit the park each year.

I would really recommend spending a little bit of time here admiring the fantastic views across the bay and soaking up the atmosphere which seems cheerful and fun.
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