Bad bad service!

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by on January 8, 2012

I'm really disappointed with Alux Restaurant Bar Lounge, last night I went with my mom and my boyfriend and had a very bad time. We had a reservation for 21:15 and arrived on time, but nobody seemed to care as we were invited to pass into an empty room (the bar?) and we were left waiting there for more than 20 minutes. After a reasonable time I approached the cashier to ask if we would be accommodated at some point. Only then the guy that handled the bookings started to prepare the table, so the time we waited before was in vain. We sat at a table that left much to be desired (next to some speakers, my boyfriend was looking at the wall and there was a tray in my chair). They brought the menu and we began to choose what to eat. How long can it take to choose what you will eat? More than 25 minutes passed and nobody came to take the order! A shame really. After 45 minutes of been completely ignored by the staff we decided to get up and leave Alux since it was 22:00 and we had not eaten.
When we were leaving, the guy in charge of reservations asked us if there was a problem, we said yes, it's been 45 minutes since we reached Alux Restaurant and we got no service. He poorly tried to apologize but it really didn't seem to matter since he did nothing to keep us in there and keep us as customers. Alux was full yesterday because it is high season now, but they shouldn't forget that it doesn't last all year. This is the second time I go to Alux since I live in Playa del Carmen and, while my mom is visiting, I wanted to show her the place. Last time, in mid-September, the service was not the best, at least not the one that corresponds to a fine restaurant, but it was not as disappointing as the poor treatment received yesterday. It is a pity they don't care for their local customers, finally, we are the ones that can go again and again and recommend or not the place.
After I made a claim to the restaurant after this incident and they promise me a courtesy dinner I re-booked for next Sunday and they confirmed. The same day they sent me and email saying that that Sunday the restaurant would be close for maintenance and that I should change my reservation.
Don't go to Alux Restaurant unless you want to be really mistreated!
Sincerely, Lucía Rivero
Alux Restaurant and Lounge
Ave. Juarez
Cozumel, Yucatan Peninsula, 77710

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