hedo 2

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by igohedo on December 27, 2011

well i was wonderin wtf when iseen the motel 6 being called hedo on the start of these reviews lmao .no thats not hedo 2 we have been to hedo 3 --5 times and hedo 2 twice we loved hedo 3 , hedo 2 is alright cause hedo 3 is no longer but look out hedo desires is steppin up thier game and also now the cruise ships. bad timeing to eliminate one of your resorts to cheap out. as of april there will be 3 desires locations. now as for hedo 2 we had an awsome time but the food was not great ,the rooms okay ,the showers awsome unless you didnt have hot water like some .the entertainment igonored the pool erea both times we were there they only kept the beach area etertained . the one thing i like more about h2 than h3 is the main dining and stage area thats bout it. th ecs and bar servers were great in the areas that they were in .our last trip in feb serena when she worked the bar the drinks were good and she wastes not a second in getting them to you the one worker from h3 that is not there whom we adored was john from the nude pool grill he was meticulous on preping ur food and genuinely cared. we are still hopin they rename super fun back to its old name and theme hedonism 3 meanwhile we are makin our first trip to desires where gues we'll likly go with the group that started in feb 2004 that we hooked up with so they are loosing about 160 guests to desires unless a miriacle happens and h3 is reserected and we then would return to our HOME.if ur goin to h2 please have a blast its ur vacation what happens in jamaica stays in jamaica
Hedonism II
Negril, Jamaica
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