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On the shore of Dubai Creek is the oldest building of the city - Al Fahidi Fort. And in it, or rather in its vast cellars arranged an excellent and informative museum about the life of Dubai in the past century.

The massive base of the main tower is designed to protect her even from serious caliber of those times. Severe powerful tools installed before the main entrance.
After passing the gate, we enter the courtyard of the fort. It exhibited small fishing boats of various kinds, the English guns, standing on the arms of the fort. The most important thing in the Arab fortress (or any other, too!) - A well with drinking water.

On the walls of the fort to be taken away do not give. And sorry, I wonder would see.

Then I walked along the side corridors within the walls of the fort. It is shown arming Arab warriors.

We descended into the dungeon. Above the staircase "floats" a stuffed flamingo. Once thousands of pink birds inhabited the coast. But the modern pace of human life, hundreds of large ships made them disappear.

Here begins the museum itself. By reconstructing the Arabs were able to recreate the highlights of their past life in a variety of its forms.
First, we are in port, where the Moor donkey loads of goods.
We pass on the street and getting into the quarter artisans.
Everywhere are heard the characteristic sounds, creating a sense of reality.
Jeweler makes known all over the world Middle Eastern jewelry.
An important chapter in the history of Dubai - Trade pearls. It is this lived up to the opening of the emirate in Japan technology of artificial pearls. Dubai was a trading city for centuries, yet it gave bread to many pearls of its residents.
Dubai Museum
Al Fahidi Fort
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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