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Member Rating 5 out of 5 by nina_swims on November 25, 2011

Four nights at female 12-bedded room was the best buy. Convenient location – 2 minutes to the subway station, 15-20 minutes to the Times Square, numerous stores and eateries. The sleeping quarter allows quiet and comfortable night rest and sleep. The mattresses and the pillows are clean and comfortable. The beds do not squeak. The linens and the towel are clean, not worn. The cover is enough to keep you warm. A medium sized suitcase fits the locker in the room perfectly and allows some spare space as well, sufficient for something like a backpack, for example. There are no bed stands, hangers (you won’t make a mistake bringing a couple with you), one chair per room. There are outlets by each bed. There isn't any congestion at the rest rooms and showers in the morning or evening. The facilities are amazingly clean particularly taking into consideration the huge turnaround of residents. There is sufficient supply of hot water at any time of the day. The kitchen and the dining area might make you ashamed of your home kitchen. There is nothing you could not cook in the kitchen - it has all necessary utensils, cookware and safety equipment. Residents keep thoroughly cleaning after themselves. Internet connections run perfectly 24/7 in the lounge areas. I met people 40-50-60 years old. The oldest person was an 88-year old American lady. Good web site, study it. HI event calendar will help you to see NYC for almost no extra charge. The experienced and professional tour guides will share with you their passion for NYC and you will fall in love with this "wonderful town." Watching the YouTube tour around the hostel will help you to not get lost on the premises. The international community of beautiful young people from all over the world behaves in a very polite, friendly, and decent way. There is everything necessary and there is nothing unnecessary over there. The clever way of running the hostel allows to save your precious time in New York at every step of your stay, provides comfort and satisfies all your modern needs. You will not regret staying at HI New York and will be back.
Hostelling International New York
891 Amsterdam Avenue
New York, New York, 10025
(212) 932-2300

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