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Once upon a time the only park that Universal had was just Universal Studios, now they have a whole other park called Islands of Adventue. The beauty of Universal is that both parks are on the same site, so if you only have one day you can hop between the two just by walking around a lake. Having said that you won't be able to do everything in each park in one day and you might feel a bit rushed. However, if you take advantage of the single rider lines and just pick your favourite rides, it is totally possible to get a good feel of the two parks.

As you enter Islands of Adventure, you'll find yourself in a market place with lots of shops and food stands. If you're interested in watching any of the shows that this park has then check out the times here at the entrance . Then walk on towards the lake, which the park is set around (plenty of photo opportunities here) and decide which way you're going to go. If you have kids then I would recommend heading right towards the land of Dr Seuss. This is a crazy adaptation of the many very popular Dr Seuss books, so if you're kids have read them then they will love this part of the park, if they haven't it's a fantastic way to introduce them to these fab books.

However, on our visit we didn't have any children with us, just big kids, so we headed left at the lake towards the Marvel section. We love the Marvel movies and so this part of the park is perfect for us. If you're feeling brave first thing, then I would hop onto the Hulk rollercoaster, which you will have walked underneath. If you get on this early you will miss the inevitable huge lines that will develop here as the day goes on. Be warned though this is a crazy coaster and rather than being gently tugged to the top as you start, you get fired out at around 60mph.....expect to scream! If you don't fancy the Hulk, then why not try the Spiderman 3D action simulator ride, without doubt the best ride in ths section. Again queues will develop as the day progresses, so either take advantage of the single rider option or get there early. Just to round off the adrenaline rush in this section then get yourself on Doctor Doom's Fearfall, a huge tower of a ride that drops you down....lots of fun.

After all that then I reckon you'll need a coffee and sit down, which you can do and wait and see if the X-Men show up (which they do quite frequently) and get some photos taken with them. Another thing that we really liked about this section was the Marvel shop, where as you can imagine you can get all of your Marvel memorabilia.

The next section round (if you're going anti-clockwise) is a cartoon section that will get you wet. The absolute best bit of advice I can give you for this section is do it in the middle of the day when the sun is out, so that you can dry off and not get cold. I also would recommend not wearing denim jeans if you want to go on these rides, because you will get wet, no matter how many waterproofs you put on. The two wet rides here are Dudley Do-Rights Ripsaw Falls and Popeye & Bluto's Bilge Rat Barges, both of which are loads of fun. There is a Popeye play park for smaller kids here so you can always take it in turns to sit with them and go on the rides.

From here you enter Jurassic Park, even going through a replica of the gates from the first movie. Everything is dinosaur based, there's a great play park for kids and a couple of places to eat. It'll probably be lunchtime when you get here so these provide a good option for a chill out section. With smaller kids you can go on the Pteranodon Fliers, that swoop over the play park, but for big kids is another wet ride...the Jurassic Park iver Adventure. I'm not going to spoil this....but it is epic and worth the wait if there is a big queue. Further round is the Jurassic Park Discovery Centre, a great place for kids to play.

The next place round is new, it was being built when we visited in 2009, but we have friends who have been since it was opened and they thought it was fantastic. The area that I'm talking about is Harry Potter Land, a complete replica of the world of Harry Potter.

The next thing that we went on is called the Duelling Dragons and seems now to be part of Harry Potter World....this is a foot dangling rip roaring coaster that sees two separate tracks and dragons coasters zip around at the same time and almost seem to collide. A brilliant rollercoaster, but definitely not one for the faint hearted!

And then to take it down just a notch there is the Sinbad Stunt Show, somewhere out of the sun to enjoy some live action entertainment. And if you like that then head straight round to the Poseidon Fury Ride, also live action and epically good fun. As you can probably tell I really liked this park and think that because it's new it is much better than the original Universal Studios, but I wouldn't pass up the original to just go here. All I can say to end this review is if you want a day of crazy rides and rollercoasters that relive your favourite movies then this is the place for you!!

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