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Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Liam Hetherington on November 13, 2011

Farmicia (sorry, I mean FARMiCiA) has a wonderful central location in the middle of Philadelphia’s historic Old City district. It sits on South 3rd Street between Chestnut and Market, only two blocks east of Independence Mall, in a stately red-brick building – very convenient. I will admit, however, that what made us choose this venue for dinner over any other had to be the name. Not the self-consciously idiosyncratic mix of capitals and letters, but rather the play on farms and pharmacies: Rebecca, you see, is a pharmacist by trade. But I suppose the name is meant to conjure up the idea that the food inside is wholesome, healthy and good for you.

Inside the theme was exposed brickwork, girders and flues. Inner partitions divided the room up into smaller more intimate sections. Our friendly waitress sat us – only a handful of other diners were present – and took our orders. When I asked for a local beer she knew just the thing. I accompanied the beer with a simply grilled pork chop, off the bone, served with sweet potato mash ($21.00). Rebecca had a selection of vegetarian tamales with refried black beans and spicy salsa ($16.50). The portion almost defeated her. Thoughout the atmosphere was understatedly chilled and convivial, with the sun continuing to shine through the large front windows.

We were not in Philadelphia long, but Farmicia undoubtedly provided the best sit-down meal we had in town.

(Farmicia is closed on Mondays).
15 South Third Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19106
(215) 627-6274

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