The start and the end of our day

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by MichaelJM on November 1, 2011

Breakfast, which was included in our booking, was served in the restaurant on the second floor. It was a sumptuous affair with loads of choice. In fact we were spoilt for choice with a good, if limited selection of cereal and juices. If you fancied a customised smoothy" that would be "zapped up for you" and progressing to the main cooked meal they would cook your eggs exactly how you wanted them. I had over-easy one day but preferred to opt for the omelette with a variety of fillings and then accompanied with bacon and hash browning.

If we’d have been a bit more ambitious we could have eaten local savoury dishes but I’m afraid that I’m much more traditional with my breakfast and I gave it a wide berth preferring my omelette followed by a variety of pastries and toast with comfiture. I don’t think I’ve seen so many jams and sweet spreads (other than in supermarkets) and although I made a noble to try them all I was unsuccessful.

I had a disappointing experience with one of the doughnuts which looked "well good", but unfortunately it was somewhat chewy. Undeterred I "dunked" it in my coffee and endured the frosty look that my wife "threw across the table" at me. Of course the toaster provided us with the usual conundrum of whether we should place the bread in the device for a second pass through. I took the risk and was rewarded by a perfectly even piece of browned toast. Just perfect with lashing of orange jam (a sweeter jam than our marmalade)

Coffee and tea were in copious supply and we only had to ask for an additional pot of coffee to keep us going for the rest of the day.

The restaurant was a light, bright and airy room and its level "marked" by an amazing chandelier that hung into the foyer. The high quality food on the running buffet ensured that we took on enough to keep us going until lunch time and "set us up for the day". A great breakfast.

On a couple of nights we had a late drink, before retiring for bed at the bar on the ground floor. There were a dozen or so tables arranged on a raised area overlooking the foyer. The chairs were comfortable and well padded but it wasn’t always the most tranquil of areas as a couple of times large coach loads piled in to the foyer after the completion of their organised day. One group invaded the bar area only to find that the rest of us were sitting tight. There was mutterings from many as they headed for the lift and presumably their rooms.

The service was totally by waitress and drinks menus were passed out for our consideration. This was not a cheap area to relax in as the drinks’ prices were a bit on the high side. Still they were marginally cheaper than the UK in a similar setting, but more than double the price of establishments out of the hotel. We were on holiday and weren’t penny pinching, but I guess if we’d have found an alternative close to the hotel we’d have frequented there instead.

Moevenpick Hotel Hanoi
83A Ly Thuong Kiet Street
Hanoi, Vietnam

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