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One of the highlights of Venice in the morning is definitely a visit to the famous Rialto Mercato (Rialto Market). Taking place off the Grand Canal just one stop closer to the train station from the actual Rialto Bridge, this market is a hub of activity with locals and visitors.

This historic market has been going on in one form or another since early 1000's. All over this amazing city you feel like you're part of something from the past, but actually taking part in a market makes you feel less part of a stagnant piece of history, but a lively piece that is still similar to what it was years ago. Fisherman, meat-sellers, and produce vendors all gather early in the morning rolling out their carts, organizing their wares, and start selling to visitors around 8am. Most of them are finished by around noon, although if you're running late you can probably find a few stalls open to around 1pm.

The market is open to everyone, and free! So what a great way to experience a part of Venetian life than getting up and heading over. The entire market includes the covered archway fish section and the open produce section. Note that the fish market (Pescheria) is closed on Sundays and Mondays. And the produce section is closed on Sundays, so plan your visit accordingly.

So many great smaller "grocery" style shops line the alleys on the market's perimeter and can provide the small ingredients that you may not find at the market. Best advice is to get to the market early, beat some of the crowds, get the best selection of which to choose, take another hour or so to walk to the gardens on the other side of the city, and make an early picnic for lunch!

Riatlo Market
Campo San Giacomo/Campo della Pescheria
San Polo, Venice
The Rialto Market
Campo San Giacomo, Campo della Pescheria
Venice, Italy

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