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Member Rating 4 out of 5 by missj1981 on October 24, 2011

Going to the city of Edinburgh was one of my favourite city trips since the last few years. Simply because Edinburgh has a lot to offer and its old and modern at the same time. There are a lot of attractions, a good night life and lots of shops. There are a lot of restaurants here to choose from. On our second day in town we went to a restaurant called The Tolbooth Tavern.

The Tolbooth Tavern is a beautiful old building dating back to the sixteen century. It was previous used to collect toll from people passing by but it has also been used as a prison and even a torture chamber! Luckily that’s not the case anymore and now it’s just a restaurant. Of course it has been update since then and when you walk in you will notice the more 80’s decorating. Luckily it still has all the old features.

The restaurant had a good atmosphere and it’s small inside. I think there is space for about 70 people. When we arrived at the restaurant it was already busy but an hour later it was full. Always a good sign I always think or the restaurant must be very cheap to eat. The restaurant is clearly a British restaurant with the colours they used and the wooden furniture. I thought the interior from the beginning was ok and couldn’t just wait to taste the food.

The restaurant offered an extensive menu of cold and hot starters, main dishes that consisted of meat, vegetarian and fish and they had several desserts but also coffee. As the starter I had a very tasteful green salad which cost around the 6 euro’s. My husband had a Home-style plate of starters as a starter and it looked delicious and cost 8 euro’s. As the main meal my husband had Home-made liverwort and I had a meal with pork, beef and lamb, which was really filling. The staff member already told that my meal was really filling and he was right. There was no space for me anymore for any dessert and we opted for a coffee instead. The food was perfect and extensive. I was very pleased.

I though the staff was very polite and helpful from the moment we walked in. We were taken to our table and were asked for our order of drinks. Before we had our drinks we got the menu. The staff explained the monthly menu and also told us about the specialties. I think it was very nice. The staff was quick and we didn’t have to wait for long for our meals and drinks. Very good and quick service.

The toilets are in the back of the restaurant looked clean and well taken care of. I couldn’t see any toilets for disabled people so that might be a problem.

At this restaurant you can pay with your debit card, cash and I think also credit card. We paid in cash which was the best option.

Was it worth the visit? Yes I think so. There was a great atmosphere and the staff was very friendly and attentive. They helped us quickly and I liked the fact they took the time to explain the monthly menu to us. The service was quick but not too quick. The food was delicious and really worth the money. I don’t think the prices were too high for what we got. Four stars this restaurant.
Tolbooth Tavern
167 Canongate
Edinburgh, Scotland
+44 131 556 5348


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