Better or as good as Pere Lachais in Paris

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Kathy on October 15, 2011

This Cemetary is really excellent. Eva Peron is here and there are a number of famous Argentians here also some poets and boxers and musicians. But its the size of the crypts and the fact that there are fresh flowers on a lot of them that you can see the cemetary is kept up very well. The entrance is free and they charge 8 pesos (about $2.00) for a guide map but its worth it. We spent about 1 hr here. You have to see the crypt for Ruffina (there is a story there) Also on Saturday and Sunday they have a market here and there are lots of excellent crafts here. Such as leather and handicrafts. I got a nice picture frame and some handmade shawls but they don't bargain and I have been to China so I am used to bargaining but its refreshing sometimes to not have that hassle.
La Recoleta Cemetery
Junín 1790 Recoleta District
Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1116
+54 (11) 4804 7040

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