Those Famed Buttes

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by rufusni on October 14, 2011

Park the car...and suddenly you are looking down on 'that' view...the one of the two mittens buttes. Wow! Its stunning.

There at the car park is the visitors centre, restaurant and hotel which is a recent development by the Navajo to take advantage of the view down that this high point has. So we made use of the toilet facilities...note there are several different bathrooms...the least busy were the ones in the gift shop as most people went to the first ones they see.

We decided to drive around the loop road, but if you don't want to chance taking your vehicle on a rough dirt track you can take a Navajo guided tour in a jeep. Some decided they wanted to take a horse trek we headed out to John Ford Point...were they got horses. John Forde Point is so called after the movie director who used the amazing backdrop for several films. Cleverly, one can sit on a horse on the point with a cowboy hat and have your picture taken.

The 17 mile drive took us past the Three Sisters, and around the Rain God Mesa, a view point over the Totem Pole among other things. It was definitely worth the bumpy and dusty drive around to see a range of views.

At nearly every point were there are stops there will be stalls selling a variety of items...some stalls had more interesting items than others. I did purchase a few things as gifts as there were a range of colours and styles that appealed.

After picking up our horse riders who also enjoyed their jaunt, we headed back up to the visitors centre and treated ourselves to lunch in the restaurant (see my review on this). Had a wander around the shop which had many different and varied items.

And went back outside to the patio area to take more photos as the light had changed from when we arrived in the morning meaning that the shadows had shifted meaning we got better photos.

All in all it is worth visiting these iconic rock formations. While I'm not a western film buff, they are stunning. It is so worth driving around the scenic drive. The view you have from the patio as you arrive is one but it is from above, it is very different to get down among them, its the only way to get the perspective of these towering formations. WOW!
Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park
Indian Route 42 Oljato
Monument Valley, AZ, 84536
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