In Search of Nemo

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by cjg1 on October 11, 2011

Wow! We loved the Sydney Aquarium. The Aquarium has sharks, eels, rays, tropical fish, seals, penguins, salt water crocodiles, sea horses and so much more. The tanks are incredible. We especially loved the walk through tunnels where sharks and seals swim right over your head and next to you in their underwater world. The tunnels were great for watching the sharks try to eat each other and the seals being naughty.

The tropical fish and jelly fish were beautiful. Liz and I sat down and just watched the aquarium animals; it's so relaxing. We both liked that the Aquarium pays homage to the movie "Finding Nemo" and has some examples of the movie's characters (after all the goal of the movie was to get to Sydney).

The saltwater crocodile is in a large pen. We had to climb stairs to look down at him in his habitat. There was a sign that read be careful it's a long fall; if the fall doesn't kill you, the salty will. I found that rather amusing and a great way to keep people in line.

**Pictures don't come out very well due to all the glass and low lighting although they do have signs with photography tips. My best pictures were videos that I took in the tunnels.**

The Aquarium is open 9am to 10pm Daily.
Adult Admission was $34.99 (Australian Dollar)
Kids Admission was $17.99 (Australian Dollar)

Sydney Aquarium
Aquarium Pier, Darling Harbour
Sydney, Australia, 2000
+61 (2) 8251-7800

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