St. Michaelis

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St. Michaelis is one of the two largest cathedrals (churches) in the city of Hamburg. It’s location is at the street of Englische Planke which is in the city centre. You can’t really miss the church with his height. The church looks really impressive from the outside with its large black tower. The best thing about this church is that you can actually climb all the way up!

I was here with my family and we felt we had to do at least some cultural activity while we were in the city of Hamburg. The city is most known for its shopping and nightlife but it also has some great museums and other building. The St. Michaelis is perfect for having a great view over the city.

When you enter you get into a hallway with three options but before you choose you will have to pay. You can enter the tower, the church itself and the tomb. We decided to enter the tower and the church itself. Since you have to pay separately for the tomb we did not find it worth going there. We first went to the tower and luckily you have an elevator! You can also go with the stairs. My parents choose to go with the elevator but since the large queue my brother and I decided to go with the stairs. I think there are about 400 steps but it wasn’t too bad. You have a few places where you can rest. When you get up at the tower you will notice the beautiful view straight away. You have a clear view over the entire town and you can walk around the whole tower.

You have the first platform but you can even go higher up which is only accessible by stairs. This is a smaller platform with even a better view! When we wanted to go down we choose for the elevator. The elevator takes around 2 minutes to get down. When we were down we went into the church itself. This is actually the disappointing part. The church is large but it looks all very modern and white. You expect a old church but it looks like it just got renovated. It was disappointing and we only spend five minutes at the room. Disappointing.

I would recommend a visit to the church mostly for the tower and the great view. The fact that there’s an elevator present is a big plus. I wouldn’t visit the rest of the church because it’s simply not worth the money,
St. Michaelis
Hamburg, Germany, 20459
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