Texas in Alaska

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by lwrbva on October 1, 2011

For a group Texans, the Denali Park Salmon Bake was like walking into a typical Texas roadhouse (not the chain). The country music was playing, the tables were wooden picnic tables, and the beer and food was good. The biggest difference was the salmon and halibut on the menu. Everyone enjoyed their meal.
Their menu offered box lunches, but when we tried to order them for the next day, they told us to go to the grocery down the street to get a cheaper lunch. Kudos for that too.
They also run a free shuttle to many of the area restaurants. We used that service, and it was a great help to my parents as the Salmon Bake is the restaurant farthest from the McKinley Park Chalet Resort. The shuttle came promptly, and the driver was also from Texas.
Denali Park Salmon Bake Restaurant
238.5 Parks Hwy
Denali National Park and Preserve, Alaska, 99755


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