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Member Rating 2 out of 5 by lwrbva on September 30, 2011

The lodge arranges salmon charters. We did not stay at the lodge; we just used their charter service. We arrived early to pick up our bagged lunch and rain gear. The Lodge provided heavy yellow rain coats and waders. They also had boots, but a couple coming in from fishing said that we wouldn’t need them. (We didn’t.) The rain coats were mostly helpful to keep warm, as the wind was quite chilly on the river.
Richard and I had Dan France as our King salmon fishing guide. We thought he was a pretty good guide. He took us down river first, and when we weren’t getting a bite, he took us to lots of different places to try out. Even though we weren’t getting a bite, he continuously tried different baits and lures, and he gave us our full time on the water rather than calling it quits when he could have. (Motor boats are required to be off by 6, and he kept us out the full time.) No one on the river was having much luck. We saw someone here and there make a catch, but they were few and far between.
The guide my parents had, though, was not good at all. She stayed in one place for the first 2-3 hours. When she pulled the boat into shore so that she could go to the bathroom, my parents bailed out for the day. Our bet is that you can probably directly hire a guide for a lot less than using the middleman. None of us caught any fish – not even a nibble on the line – but we took afternoon charters. Definitely don’t waste your money on an afternoon charter. If you are going to go, go in the morning. Dan’s morning group caught a 50lb and a 35lb King salmon.
Actually, unless you are looking for a trophy catch, we would recommend skipping the king salmon fishing. Yes, they are big and really impressive. They are also much less plentiful. If you want to enjoy the pleasure of reeling in lots of fish or having a lot of salmon dinners, go for the shore fishing for the Sockeye or "Reds". And for anyone who is used to catching trout, even a "red" is an enormous fish!
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