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The origins of the castle Velona takes away the 11th century, which originally functioned as a protective fortress, then a luxurious villa of the aristocratic, and by the end of the XX century has turned into a luxury hotel, chateau de luxe class. From the top of the hill where the castle, open strikingly beautiful views of vineyards and olive groves.

Schlosshotel Velona is only half an hour from Siena, and has nearby towns such as Montalcino and Montepulciano. This comfortable hotel is ideal for travelers on the most famous and amazingly beautiful area of ​​Italy - Tuscany. A modern hotel, which turned the castle, located near Val d'Orcia unique park, 120 km from the international airport of Florence.

The castle is surrounded by several small villages, a walk which will give you lots of impressions and pleasure. In addition to the Museum of Montalcino, where they still kept the artifacts that were found during the reconstruction of the castle, the attention of tourists deserve no less interesting museum - in Montepulciano, where the collected works of the Renaissance era many famous artists from Siena. Worth a visit and a beautiful abbey Sant'Antimo, enjoy the splendor of nature reserve Orcia valley, where among the beeches and firs deer roam free, and the horizon is rapidly limited by the Mount Amiata. Modern and cozy comfort of the castle-hotel, combined with the amazing atmosphere of medieval aristocratic estates will give you an unforgettable stay. Each room is individually decorated, all in all there are 46, there is room category «Suite», and the rooms are equipped with Spa Suites special rooms where there is a separate entrance for the procedures in the comfort and quiet of your own room. The rooms provide air conditioning, telephone, mini bar, Internet access, satellite TV, safe, and a fireplace.

The hotel restaurant can enjoy delicious Tuscan cuisine and other famous Italian culinary masterpieces. In the summer of small tables are served in a cozy terrace in the fresh air under the canopy of cypress trees and olive, branched. In addition to the cafe Il Chiostro, which is located in the courtyard of the tower, covered with a glass dome, and a restaurant with room for 80 guests, the hotel has a new cozy restaurant L'Abazzia.

For connoisseurs of exclusive wines tasting tours arranges hotel, where tourists can go to local wineries, famous for Italy.

Castle-Hotel Velona - an ideal place for those who want to go on a tour of the Val d'Orcia mountainous area. During the summer there is a variety of musical concerts, exhibitions, theatrical performances, village fairs.

The main building of the castle was built in Velona late Renaissance. In this time period the castle was rebuilt in a luxurious villa-residence. At the same time it captured in the Vatican frescoes on the maps, Ignazio Dante - Documents testifying directly about it, keep at your local library. Until now, there is debate among researchers about the founder of the castle.

In the heart of the castle buildings appeared much later, forming a small courtyard scene. The castle has been found by archaeologists set of Etruscan artifacts, which are now exhibited in the museum display in Montalcino.

Until 1997 the castle was practically in ruins until it was bought by private investors. They engaged in its restoration and conversion of the hotel, and was completely preserved the original design of a medieval castle, reminiscent of old times. Watchtowers are still guarding the castle, bewitching visitors with its grandeur.
Castello di Velona
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