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During our trip to Canada we went from Banff to Calgary. This is not really on the way to go in the direction of Jasper National Park, but it was worth the detour and from Banff by car it was only about 90 minutes. After our arrival in Calgary, we first explored the inner city and we made our way to the Calgary Tower.

The Calgary Tower was built in 1968 as a television tower and was first Husky Tower, as Husky Oil is one of the joint venture. He was only renamed in 1971. The construction of the tower cost 3.5 million Canadian dollars. With a height of 191 meters, it offers tourists, who flock by express elevator up, a magnificent view over the city. While there are now around the tower even skyscrapers, which are still a bit higher, but you must have no fear that this one block the view. What makes the Calgary Tower unique is that there is a 360-degree observation deck, and not just any, but the world's tallest 360-degree observation deck. In addition, since 2005 there is an area with glass bottom. The Calgary Tower has two restaurants. One is at the top and has a rotating platform on which you sit while eating. But it probably goes round so slowly that it takes 45 minutes for lunch and 60 minutes at dinner. We have not eaten here, it was a little pricey. The second restaurant is located at the foot of the tower. There is also a souvenir shop and tourist information to the city of Calgary. The entire Calgary Tower is accessible.

If you're in Calgary, one can not overlook the tower, for he is already very high. The tower is located on 9th Avenue SW and we reached it from the comfort of the pedestrian zone. The (daytime) car-free pedestrian zone leading to the Olympic Plaza. Shortly before you turn right and steers straight for the tower. Calgary is also well signposted and is therefore also not miss the Tower, as it appears at the beginning of the pedestrian zone on the signs. Whether it is parking in the vicinity of the tower, I can not say. Our car was already in the garage of the nearest hotel and Calgary, we have explored on foot.

Arrived at the Calgary Tower we paid at the entrance. As we have visited the Calgary Tower, relatively little was going on. Before the two elevators were waiting outside of us, only three other visitors. With the lift we needed something more than a minute. How long does it take for the 802 steps, I can not say, but I do not think anyone would seriously try.

After a short ride, which is a little crack in the ears, the elevator opened and we were right in the viewing area. The view of the city was really great. Everything was very tiny and yet we were able to track where we were going past. Since the tower is glazed all around, one really has a 360-degree views. Distributed over the visitors' area there are also free binoculars with which you can watch what you want to look closer. We walked round and round again, looked at everything and made a few photos of which I've also uploaded some.

Highlight of the visit is definitely the glass floor. While overall it was not absolutely perfect, cavorted here almost all visitors to stand and to even less in the air. When we discovered an empty seat, we put ourselves on it and I must say, it's a very uneasy feeling. Although I have no fear of heights per se, I was a bit fishy to look down at my feet and standing in nothing. I know, the glass will be very secure, but I was suddenly the idea of an emerging crack in glass does not go. But of course nothing like this happens.

At certain times of the Calgary Tower tours are also held, however, because it would have until the next still took too long, we have renounced it. The choosing is convincing without a guide. Also in the souvenir shop, which is available up here, we wanted to buy anything. So we headed back to the elevator on the way down. We have spent on the tower about half an hour, but the ticket is not limited in time, so you can stay longer if you wish.

The visit to the Calgary Tower was his money worth. The view from up there is impressive, and to walk on a glass bottom around this level, that's a very special experience for which I would not want to give in hindsight. For me personally there is nothing to complain about, but you should of course have no fear of heights. Hence there are five stars and a recommendation.
Calgary Tower
101 9th Ave SW
Calgary, Alberta, T2P 1J9
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