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The Scott Monument is quite simply a cracking piece of architecture, which stands just over 61 metres in high in Princes Street Gardens, just opposite the famous Jenner’s Department Store. There is no doubt in my mind that it is one of the most striking buildings on the City's skyline and it has a few to contend with. In the middle of the gothic looking structure, there is a statue of the great Sir Walter Scott.

The structure was build in the 1840's and restoration works were carried out in the 1990's. The quarry where the original sandstone that was used for the structure was re-opened so that the same stone could be used. However, the new stone has yet to have been weathered like the original stone. Never-the-less I don't feel that this detracts from the Monument.

It costs £3 to gain access to the monument and for your £3 you are able to climb the 287 steps which wind up a spiral staircase. Once at the top you get excellent, panoramic views of the city of Edinburgh and the surrounding areas, such as the Firth of Forth. You are also presented with a certificate to mark the achievement of climbing the 287 stairs to the top.

As good as the view is from inside the Monument. The views of the outside of the Monument are equally as good in my opinion. There is nothing better than sitting in Princes Street Gardens seeing the Monument bathed in sunshine.
Scott Monument
Princes Street Gardens
Edinburgh, Scotland, EH2 2EJ
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