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Arthur's Seat was formed by an extinct volcano and it sits on the East side of Edinburgh over looking Holyrood Park, near Holyrood Palace and the Scottish Parliament. Growing up in East Lothian, about 20 miles from Edinburgh I have taken many a walk up 'The Seat' and it is one of the best vantage points for looking over the magnificent city of Edinburgh.

It probably takes just over half an hour to reach the very summit for a fit adult. The summit is 251 metres high which is 823 ft in old money. I never tend to walk as high as that as you can get some excellent vantage points of the city from about half way up. In terms of views over the city, I believe Arthur's Seat is only rivaled by Carlton Hill.

As well as walkers, Arthur's Seat is also popular with joggers. There is a road that runs road the hill and I believe it to be around 5km in total. This road means that you can get up high and enjoy the view by car or even cycle too. The road which takes you round tha back of Arthur's Seat offers good views to the South and the small village of Duddingston, which is now part of the city of Edinburgh.

There is car parking available near to Arthur's seat. There is a car park next to the Palace, which normally required a donation to be paid to Historic Scotland and there is also a car park on the East of Arthur's Seat, which is free but tends to be very busy.

If you are looking to access it by bus, I would recommend getting a 35 to the Royal Mile and walking down the Royal Mile passed the Parliament building or a 26 to London Road and getting off at Meadowbank stadium. The good thing about Arthur's Seat, it's so big you can't miss it!

If you are ever visiting Edinburgh, I would highly recommend taking a trip to Arthur's Seat as on a clear day you can get some fantastic pictures of Edinburgh and Fife.
Arthur's Seat
Salisbury Crags
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