Best Theme Park EVER!!!

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by MYindra on September 5, 2011

We never, EVER had as wonderful of an experience in Hawaii as we did here! We signed up for the top tier tickets, I believe they were called the Super Ambassador ones, and we had a personal guide throughout our visit, as well as front row seats to every single show and a private dining room with wait staff for our meals (where the food was wonderful, by the way). Yes, this was somewhat pricey but certainly no more than we spent on many activities during our trip and worth every penny. The special details our guide gave us about each culture, as well as his own native culture, were worth it, beyond all the extras you receive. Best of all, the guides are not intrusive. They give you just as much attention as you are looking for- no more, no less. Everyone was friendly, interested in your having the best time possible and it was a real pleasure to be in a place where no alcohol was served- I have had more than one event ruined because of the few who imbibe too much and do things that are inappropriate in front of everyone, children included, and just make loud disruptions. Knowing the money you spend all goes for a good cause, to support students who truly are trying to preserve these cultures while getting their college educations, is an added plus. Go, go, go!!! You'll be happy you did. :)
Polynesian Cultural Center
55-370 Kamehameha Highway
Laie, Hawaii, 96762
(808) 293-3333

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