Granville Island

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Since we began our trip to Canada in beautiful Vancouver, we also wanted to see as much of this great city. So we made a trip to the Granville Island.

Granville Island is an artificial peninsula at False Creek in Vancouver. It used to be an industrial area that was empty until the 1970s. The area was redeveloped opening in 1979 the Public Market, a large food market. Apart from this huge market, the main attraction is without a doubt, numerous outdoor terraces overlooking the False Creek as well as cafes and shops. Granville Island on weekends can record up to 40,000 visitors who throng to the more than 100 stalls and shops, sit outside on the terrace or watch the many street artists. The goods that are offered on Granville Iceland (including food, art, furniture, clothing, ...) are one of the highest quality that Vancouver has to offer.

There are several ways to get to Granville Island. On foot, it goes from downtown over the Granville Bridge, or you can take the bus number 50 on the peninsula. By car you can also travel, but the parking is very limited, so I would not recommend it. The best way to reach Granville Island in my opinion anyway, is the ride with the Aquabus or False Creek Ferries. Along the False Creek, there are several piers of those two suppliers. Aquabus to be recognized by the very colourful, small boats, the False Creek Ferries boats are similar, but blue. We got off at the Science World into one of the boats and saw a great blue, approximately 15-minute ride across False Creek to the peninsula. If I remember right, the ticket costs about 7 dollars, or about 5 EUR, which I think is in order. We walked back along the False Creek at some point to get on the Skytrain, which at some distance, eg on Olympic Village holds us back and brought to the Waterfront.

My first impression after leaving the little blue boat at the dock on Granville Iceland was colourful, lively and full. I'm not a fan of crowds, so many of my hundreds of people who spent time on this Sunday afternoon at the pier and around the market hall on the terraces is not necessarily positive. But the impression was good even only once, for there was after all a relaxed, yet lively atmosphere. At the pier, we got our first one free card on the environment all shops and cafes, etc. were found. Assorted colours for topics like food, attractions for children and art, brought the card has a good overview.

Outside on the terrace overlooking the pier was just a concert, continuing through the first one already saw the street performers. Once we decided to visit the Public Market, the huge market hall where you can buy food of all kinds. The fruit and vegetables was seen directly and its good quality so we bought our first one pound of cherries. But there are not only fruits and vegetables but also meat, bread and other baked goods, fish, cheese and everything you just get on the market. Not only do tourists on weekends buy on the way to the covered market, many residents of Vancouver, and here it is very full. A food court completes the whole thing, here you can have a variety of freshly prepared dishes from different countries and eat outdoors or indoors. Because we had bought cherries, we sat outside on one of the few free places in the sun and eating, overlooking the False Creek.

Then we explored the area around the market hall. We discovered lots of nice shops that sold as handicrafts, ceramics, and other nice things, and partly also typical products of the indigenous people of Canada. If you are interested in art, you will find on Granville Island numerous art galleries. Often there are also theater performances and festivals held from time to time. It's worth it when it is longer in Vancouver, that is certainly more likely to come forth.
Without intending to crash it, we passed well in the Kids Market, a market hall with lots of shops for children, with toys and clothes. For us it was not so interesting now, but I would imagine that children would have their fun here. Parents probably less, since they would probably leave here even a few dollars.Free fun behind the Kids Market on hot days is the Water Park. Kids can to their heart's desire, sprinkle with water, slide and run through fountains, etc. Once again I was pleasantly surprised after the water park in Stanley Park now saw a second free water playground.

Surely we could find on Granville Island much more, but since it was already evening, we went back now on the way to downtown, because we wanted a little stroll on False Creek along and think about where we eat would. But if you only have two days in Vancouver, the time is just too limited.

Granville Island is definitely a worthwhile goal. The peninsula has a very unique, colorful, very lively atmosphere. Whoever would like markets, sit or just interested in art and artists, look at the water or listen to concerts, that is exactly right. I enjoyed the trip well and the quality of the cherries, which we bought on the market, was superb, but they were not even expensive. For my personal taste but it was a little too full, what makes sense, even in the atmosphere, but I like it better if you do not need too much jostling. Therefore, I forgive four out of five stars and a recommendation.
Granville Island
False Creek, under Granville Street Bridge South End
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