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If you travel to Vancouver you will most likely spend some time in Stanley Park. It is not merely one of the main tourist attractions, but also the Vancouverites (people who live in Vancouver) actively use this park. With a size of 404 acres, Stanley Park is the largest urban park in Canada since 1889 and is now a recreation area under protection. There is even a bird sanctuary that is home to Canada geese. Stanley Park was named after the British governor, Lord Stanley.

Stanley Park is not just a simple park but very varied. There are, of course, like in any park, landscaped gardens and large lawns, but also - and this makes it all - hiking through rain forest-like landscapes. The trails are several miles long, so you even in the summer on a Sunday, when many families are on the road, you can enjoy the tranquility and escape the big city. Can also be 8.8 km long of a total of 22 kilometres around the city leading Seawall, a waterfront promenade (pedestrian and cycle path), on the one strolling tourists and Vancouverites jogging, skating or cycling sees running through the park every year the Park 8 million visitors recorded. Smoking is prohibited throughout the park. What exactly is there to see in the park, plus more, when I talk about our walk through the park ...

Stanley Park is located on a peninsula near the city centre and is easily accessible by foot from downtown. If you follow the Sewall from Canada Place on the waterfront leads automatically to the park there are also signs around the town, pointing the way. By the well-developed ways you can explore the park also wonderful with the bike or inline skates. If that's too strenuous, take bus 19 is driven directly into the park. There are also some streets to cars and parking only in the eastern part of the park, which is similar to a city forest opened up. The western part of the system is very original and one finds himself quickly in a jungle. Since parking is limited and the connection on foot, by bus or by bike is very good, I would do without a car. Although there are extra trails around the park by car to explore, but I find that somehow inappropriate. However, you can get from the cars with very little, if you look at something deeper is at the park, so do not disturb the streets.

The paths of the park system has an incredible length of 81 kilometres, it is therefore natural that I have not seen every corner of the park and therefore can not describe every little thing. In my report I can and will therefore not list everything, what to see and experience here, but I will only report on what I have seen. Everything else can be read in guidebooks or on the Internet and find itself naturally. The map of the park, I've uploaded, provides an overview and gives an impression of the size of the plant.
We reached the Stanley Park around noon. Previously we've been walking for several hours through to Vancouver to see us there a lot, so we decided to take the bus to the park to drive, because we would even walk in the park even more. Bus No. 19 brought us to a very central bus station, from which one can reach the so-called main attractions of the park well. There is a large information board with an overview of the way system, so that we could orient ourselves first, where we were and where we wanted to go.

First of all we headed to Vancouver Aquarium, we decided, given the crowds and our limited time, but to a visit, although it certainly must be beautiful and there are over 70,000 marine species to admire. But there are also aquariums and other places we looked briefly at the front of the aquarium located restrooms (which were incidentally free and clean) and continued our walk. After just a few meters from the nature we felt no longer in the big city, but it enjoyed under the large green trees to walk. Every now and then fluttered squirrel scurried across the path, butterflies and birds we have seen some that even though we are still staying in the busier part of the park.
Discovered in Stanley Park, there are also many beautiful picnic areas and plenty of opportunities to be active. So we came, among other things also pass a softball court, but there are probably a golf course, tennis court and swimming. Finally, the park also has beaches. Our route took us next to the totem poles, which are found near the waterfront. This up to 20 meters high, beautifully carved and painted poles are evidence of the Native Americans and are definitely worth seeing. The stakes often tell stories, but these are usually only known to the natives and included the family crest.

Compared with the totem poles, there is a nice gift shop and more toilets. The souvenir shop in the course are not exactly cheap, but appeared quite high, not like in some other souvenir shop, we got to face later. But we have bought nothing, it was just the first real vacation.
Then we went down to the waterfront and walked on the seawall towards the lovely Lions Gate Bridge. Park benches are located at regular intervals and are perfect for relaxing with a view over the water. While it was pretty quiet on the trails in the park and the visitors are mainly staying in front of the aquarium was a lot going on on the waterfront. Many walkers were out, but also joggers and cyclists. I liked that at the points at which cross-walk and bike path signs and ask the cyclists to dismount the short piece but please, was kept to it. Along the promenade there is a nice water park for children where they can splash to their heart's desire wet. It is an oversized hair dryer to free use also makes it easy to enter. At the water park has restrooms and a snack again, where we treated ourselves to Fish and Chips, but the breakfast was quite a while ago. But there are probably several restaurants that are spread over the park.

Even before reaching the Lions Gate Bridge leads from a small seawall enchanted way to Beaver Lake. We beat this one and arrived at a beautiful, idyllic lake with a lot of reeds, a family of ducks and beavers, which were not, however. You can pass around the entire lake, which is really a nice walk. At sea, two young women were so busy with walkers questions to the lake, the flora and fauna to answer. But you can also just go for himself and gets on information boards also provide information.
Finally we reached the rose garden a beautiful garden with lovely flowering plants. From there we returned to the bus stop and drove back to downtown. We stopped about 4 hours in the park and really enjoyed my time there. One can also spend days in Stanley Park could I imagine that one is not boring, because we have only seen a fraction. Should I come to Vancouver again, I will certainly go back again and still spend more time there.

Those who come to Vancouver and did not at least staying a few hours in Stanley Park has missed something. The park is a beautiful blend of gardens, haunted trails, recreational opportunities and the jungle. Although there are many visitors, everything is going well and you also corners where it's quiet and it is more for themselves. But even if you do not want to just relax, here you have a lot of sports and leisure facilities. For sustenance is also ensured by seeking one of the restaurants or the snack or make a picnic. Since there for me at the park is nothing to criticize, he gets a recommendation and the full score.
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