Who said a vegi restaurant can't be tasty?

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by RLB2 on August 28, 2011

I had never heard of Rebar prior to my visit to Victoria, but one of the locals from the conference we were at started to tell us about it. I wasn't particularly excited because not being vegetarian I didn't think there would be anything that I liked eating, let alone kept me full (oh how wrong I was!). So we booked a table for a Saturday night and 4 of us headed to the restuarant. We had to wait a little while before getting seated and I have to say the decor and layout wasn't as I imagined. It was very colourful, with bright plastic table covers. There was a juice/coffee bar and lots of tables all around. The place was busy and I was pleased we had booked a table because people who came in after us had quite a wait.

The staff were all very pleasant, most were young looking (and a bit hippyish...think piercings and dreadlocks). We were given out menus and weren't rushed to order despite them being busy. We got a round of drinks in first, I have to say the range of freshly squeezed juices is quite staggering and I wasn't feeling so healthy so I opted to one of several locally brewed beers, but it was a touch choice between that and the local ciders. We ordered soon after, everyone trying something different, I personally went for the almond burger, which my friend had recommended to me. The food did take quite a while to come, but then again it was busy and we were happy chatting away and drinking.

When the food arrived it looked amazing and the portions were huge, good job we were all starving hungry. My almond burger was really nice, I can see why other people have raved about it. I was very impressed with the quality of food on offer and I didn't miss eating meat at all. And despite being full we had to order some vegan brownie, which was amazing, I can't recommend it enough!

We enjoyed this first visit so much that we headed back to Rebar for lunch one day of the comference and I tried the quinoa salad, with lime and wild rice...amazing is all I can say about that. I also got to try some of the Salish Sea Cider, which was lovely, it was just a shame we had to go back to work, otherwise I would have had another one. The second time around we hadn't booked a table, but managed to get seated quite quickly and the staff were once again lovely. The food was top quality and the atmosphere inside was buzzing, but not overpowering. We really enjoyed both meals we had here, so when Mum arrived I took her for dinner and she too was impressed.

All in all a fab restaurant that I would recommend whether you are vegetarian or not...and if you really like the food you can buy their recipe book for CAD$20!
Rebar Modern Food
50 Bastion Sq
Victoria, British Columbia


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