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My husband and I had not been on a vacation in over 7 years. Our generous daughter booked us a 7-night stay at "The Popular House" in the Keys to begin tonight 8-27 until 9-3. Our flight was cancelled very last minute while in line at the airport due to HURRICANE IRENE. The airlines are in such a mess they couldn't get us out to our location until the next week. It's complicated, but it would have cost $938. additional expense to get us out there by Tue in the middle of the night. So the next comparable flight would have put us there on 9-3. STAY WITH ME YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT THIS!
I called The Popular House immediately and told them our plight and they told us they have a different room open and available from 9-5 - 9-10, a lesser price room. We figured well we'll work with this, we'll find a room somewhere else for 2 days and move our stuff to The Popular House on the 5th. They called us back and told us that THEY WILL NOT ALLOW US TO STAY IN THE AVAILABLE ROOM WITHOUT PAYING FULL FEES AGAIN! Basically, they claim that storm or no storm, no matter what tragedy may occur to you, you are responsible to pay for the time of that room. ESSENTIALLY, THEY CAN NOW RE-RENT THAT ROOM AND GET DOUBLE PAYMENT FOR IT, and, THEY WILL LET THE OTHER ROOM SIT THERE EMPTY BUT WILL NOT ALLOW US TO USE IT! YES, EVEN THOUGH WE PAID FOR THIS MORE EXPENSIVE ROOM, FOR 2 EXTRA DAYS, THEY WOULD NOT LET US OCCUPY THE ROOM! NO REFUNDS. REFUSED TO WORK WITH US AND ARE KEEPING ALL OF OUR DAUGHTER'S MONEY. WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! THIS SO CALLED POPULAR HOUSE CARES ABOUT ONE THING AND IT'S NOT YOUR VISIT, IT'S YOUR MONEY! DO YOU REALLY WANT TO GIVE YOUR HARD EARNED BUCKS TO PEOPLE WHO HOLD TO A POLICY LIKE THIS AND CALL IT FAIR? DO THE RIGHT THING, THINK ABOUT THIS AND SPEND YOUR MONEY SOMEWHERE ELSE WERE THE PEOPLE ARE CARING AND HAVE SOME AMOUNT OF SYMPATHY FOR THINGS LIKE A HURRICANE WHICH YOU DIDN'T CREATE OR A DEATH OR ANYTHING THAT COULD HAPPEN IN LIFE. NOPE, YOU BOOKED IT, YOU'RE RESPONSIBLE. NO EXCEPTIONS AND NO CHANGES EITHER! If this sounds disgusting to you, let your friends and family know. We are now looking into organizations that recommend B&Bs and we are going to find every outlet to let people know the unyielding business practices of this particular place.
Key West Bed and Breakfast - The Popular House
415 William Street
Key West, Florida, 33040
(305) 296-7274


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