An actual cartoon character on water!

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by RLB2 on August 25, 2011

Whilst wandering around the harbour on our slightly wet and dreary day in Halifax we saw this strange tugboat with a face. After enquiring we realised that it was an hour long sightseeing cruise of the harbour in what they called Theodore (see pictures, it's pretty unbelieveable).

Well we were feeling in a silly mood and despite having no children with us we decided to join the tour just for some fun. What we got was a really interesting tour of Halifax Harbour, which was really designed for children. All the children aboard were given an interactive book to search out Theodore's friends around the harbour (we did this too - all in the name of research you understand!). The guide that was with us was brilliant with the kids and really informative, really explaining to them and us how the harbour works and why things are where. Perfect I would imagine if you had been wandering around with your children asking you 'why is that there?' or 'what's that for?' and you've been unable to answer any of the questions because you haven't got ht efoggiest yourself!

All in all a really enjoyable hour tour on the water for children and us grown ups alike, if you want a bit of informative sillyness get yourself down to the waterfront and find can't miss him!
Theodore Tugboat/Big Harbour Tours
1751 Lower Water Street
902 492-8847

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