A proud and patriotic Polish soldier

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The monument dedicated to Piotr Wysocki stands in a shady, ivy covered area outside the Officer Cadet's School in Łazienki Park in Warsaw. Three things made me stand and stare at this monument for quite a long time. One was the colour of the statue. It was a vivid jade green. Two, the cut of the statue - long, angular with a touch of Art Deco. Finally, the third feature I noticed was the date of birth and death. On the monument the dates state from 1839 - 1930 so I just assumed that he had lived a hundred years which is a long time for that era. However, having done a little more research I have since found out that he lived for 78 years. Still, that's pretty good to say the life he led. Even though he achieved many goals this Polish soldier who founded the Cadet's School and instructed many Polish young men to fight for their country endured many hardships. He spoke out loud about many aspects of the Tsarist authorities, was a key player in the November Uprising, was sentenced to death more than once and exiled to Siberia where he suffered badly from the extreme cold and deprivation that came with hard labour.

Poles are very proud of their countrymen and love to show their appreciation by erecting monuments throughout the city of Warsaw and other cities in Poland. The design of this memorial is very simple - a bust of Potr erected on a concrete plinth. The helmet he is wearing is very tall with the eagle's wings emblazoned on the front. Because of the height of the helmet and the length of his neck the sculpture seems very long as if it has been stretched. This is even more exaggerated with the length of the slim concrete plinth which I think is far too long. The look on his face is one of order and commitment, his eyes showing only concentration. The cut of his uniform at the top of his shoulders has been represented in a layered way which gives it a look of Art Deco. I also noticed how small his ears were and that they stuck out slightly. I would say he was a very thoughtful man, orderly and precise.

The setting of the memorial is very pleasant. It is placed just before you turn the corner into a square where the Officer Cadet's School is situated and across the way from Myślewicki Palace. The ground underneath the memorial is a blanket of creeping ivy and behind the statue are several tall sycamore trees and verdant shrubs.

The monument dedicated to Piotr Wysocki can be found in Łazienki Park, Warsaw
Lazienki Park
Al. Ujzadowski
Warsaw, Poland, 00-460


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