A day at the zoo

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by VanessaK on August 18, 2011

Once in a while, Mike and I get a day off together during the week. When I heard he was off this last Tuesday I told my boss I was taking off too. But what would we do during the rare day off? The last 45 days have been brutally hot until a week ago when the temps have been in the 90s. We definitely wanted to get outside and breathe some fresh air, but where? How about the zoo? The zoo is usually not on the top of our "things to do list" since we are childless, but we had never been to the Tulsa Zoo and decided to give it our day off. The first thing I did was to find their website www.tulsazoo.org to find out the hours, price and such. I found it to be a well put together website with great information. To my delight, the price of admission in the summer is half off if you arrive before 9am. So instead of the $8 adult admission, we paid just $4 each and with two round trip tickets on the train our total for the zoo day was $14 dollars.
The zoo is not a large zoo by many standards but they still have a wide variety of animals and reptiles. Our first stop was the train station. They have a train track that surrounds the zoo taking you by most of the main attractions. Since we had never been there we thought it would be a good way to gather information. We got off at the midway point to find the bears and the penguins. They have a new sea lion exhibit being built that looks great. We then winded our way around to see the lions, tigers, and lemurs. We visited the reptile house, the aviary, and the rain forest exhibit. Half way through the zoo, it was beginning to warm and we needed a drink of something cool. This is easy because they have cooling off stations and places where you can buy drink and snacks located throughout the zoo. Of course we also found the giraffes, elephants, and monkeys. They have an area for children at the petting zoo which was cute and well cared for.

I’m not sure if it was a case of bad caretaking or just was the look they are going for, but it seemed the landscape had gotten away from them. The grass needed to be cut and the bushes needed trimmed. I also found that where they were water tanks, such as in the penguin house and the reptile house the water was green and cloudy instead of clear and lovely. I wondered why there were no penguins playing in the water until I saw the green water and the moss layered on the rocks and glass. You can tell this is not a zoo that gets much money for expansion, the exhibits are small and old but there is no reason everything shouldn’t be clean and sparkly.

I also felt bad for the animals. Their cages were small and most were the only animals in them. One of the bears looked so sad as he laid his head on the piece of wood in his small area as if in defeat. There were few trees, bushes, ponds or anything that resembles their native habitat. Mostly there were only one animal of each kind except for the monkeys and the flamingos, which their area was way too small for the number of animals placed in them.

For a day out for the family the Tulsa Zoo is a fun place. The animals, the train, the carousel, and the camel rides are exciting for kids of all ages. But if you are someone who loves to see big and wonderful zoos around the globe this one is probably not for you. For us, it was a fun day out in the sunlight for a few hours enjoying something Tulsa has to offer.
Tulsa Zoo
5701 East 36th St North
Tulsa, Oklahoma, 74115
(918) 669-6200


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