A day at Mount Vernon

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Dutchnatasja on August 9, 2011

Mount Vernon was the home of George and Martha Washington. You are free to walk around the gardens, paths, and buildings of the historic compound. You have to pay for the tour of the mansion. The tour didn’t fill my expectations. It was a rush through the house. Very quickly. I expected more stories and information from the guides in the rooms. Every time we watch a room and looking at the details, we were ask to move along to the next space. You don’t get any time to find out the beautiful details and that’s what makes a visit to a remarkable house like this so special. Before we knew it, we were outside again. Note that no photography of any kind is permitted inside the mansion. Outside is very peaceful (well, if you don’t have a bunch of young students around). At the back of the house you’ll have a great view of the Potomac River. We were sitting for a while at the porch to take it all in. Beautiful scenery. The rest of the estate is a self tour.

After our short break we walked further to the other buildings like for example the stables. We also came along a laundry room and the slave cottage. You’ll get a good view of how it must have been back in those days. We also came along a farming area. We got to see some mules, sheep and horses. From here we entered the wood trail, which leads you to George and Martha's tomb. I guess this is the crowded place of the estate. There was a woman near the tomb, who told some stories about George Washington. The grounds were well kept. It was nice to walk in the woods on that hot warm day. When you’re planning a visit during the summer, take a bottle of water with, because it can be very hot on the open grounds. After that we went to a slave memorial memorial, which is near the tomb.

When we finished the walk we came automatically in front of the mansion. The spot where we started. We had seen enough and did go back to the entrance. Before we left, we did visited the museum. The museum was also fantastic and definitely worth a visit. Before I went to Mount Vernon I checked some reviews on the internet. Many people wrote that there were people walking around in clothing from the day, but I didn’t see anyone during my visit.

When you go, look if there’s a wine festival. Mount Vernon will held wine festivals throughout the year. $30 price of admission you can taste every wine and food they offer and tour the home/grounds . Maybe I will go back when there is one.
George Washington's Mount Vernon Estate and Gardens
3200 Mount Vernon Memorial Highway
Mount Vernon, VA, 22121
(703) 780-2000


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