World Showcase - Mexico, Norway, China, Germany

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Open at 11am every morning, the World Showcase takes guests around the globe to different countries, and lets them experience the culture and food.

Mexico has the giant marketplace and ride "Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros" inside its pyramid. Inside the small shops, you will also find La Princessa de Cristal, where you can find an in-house glass artisan who makes crowns, roses, slippers, and so much more.

Norway was the next stop in the Showcase, and has the ride "The Maelstrom", where guests board a 16-passenger, dragon-headed boat to explore the country. In addition to the ride, you should also check out the Stave Church Gallery (since only 30 remain in existence in Norway), and the shops for a look at Norway's history and uniqueness. Plus, stop by the Norway Tourism Desk and get a free guided tour of the pavillion and a crash course of the culture. It also has the Akershus Royal Banquet Hall restaurant where you can dine with Disney princesses for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Reservations is highly recommended for this restaurant. Also, if you look above the doorway and near the roof, you will see a faint circle drawn into the stone -- it's a hidden mickey!

Passing through the gates to China, guests are immediately welcomed into the serenity of this ancient land. The gardens and ponds are beautiful, and offer great photo opportunities. Inside the temple, you can see the "Reflections of China", a Circle-Vision 360 degree movie about the country in the air conditioned. Guests can also take pictures with Mulan at select times too.

Once stepping into Germany's square, guests feel like they are in a fairy-tale place. The memorable St. George, patron saint of soldiers, is seen in the middle. Try to make it here around noon and hear the glockenspiel chime a specifically made melody for the pavillion, and meet Snow White near the Wether's caramel shop. Be sure to make it to Sussigkeiten, a confectionary shop, if you want a treat. If you're hungry, make reservations for Biergarten where you can eat all you want and be apart of the show too.

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