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One of the most unusual hotels in which I had to live is on the island of Santorini. It's no secret that the most popular place on the island - this little village of Oia, or as it is called - Oya. It is here that go up and down the crowds, squeezing each other along the narrow white streets. But the problem is that many tourists who arrived in Santorini with a cruise or an excursion to the neighboring island of Crete, there spend too much time trying as quickly as possible to see everything and everywhere in time.
In order to enjoy their stay more on the island, it is worth staying here for at least one or two nights.
We stayed at the Hotel Canaves Oia, which is included in the association Small Luxury Hotels. And indeed, the hotel is tiny, but very cozy, and most importantly - in the traditional local style.

By the way, the usual buffet breakfast at the hotel there. Instead, you order the evening before breakfast. The choice of a rather meager, but there is orange juice.

Standard room consists of a small hall, where is the couch, old TV and a small table.
Design a room decorated in traditional blue and white style. It looks very nice. Bathroom fairly compact. However, instead of the bathroom is a shower here.
Here the most scenic toilet, of all that I've seen. I guess you can sit for hours, immersed in the sea further and thinking about eternity.

And most importantly, a beautiful view in front of you! There's nothing better than to wake up with a sea view, balcony door, so we did not close at night. And finally, balcony, or rather a small terrace, which has sun beds for tanning and a table for gatherings. Hence, a stunning view that there is no doubt the main advantage of this hotel.

On the territory of Canaves Oia, there is a small pool.

If you're going to Santorini, be sure to think of a small stop for the night, you will not regret it.
Canaves Oia Hotel
Santorini, Greece, 84702
302 2860 71453

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